Do you wish you had a Facebook or Instagram account when you were growing up?

Even though it might have been fun, most of us are thankful there is not a public record from our teen years.

Kids are growing up in a very different world.

They spend hours every day on their devices.  Texting is now the number one way they communicate outside of the classroom. We know that there are advantages to today’s technology, but we want to protect our kids.

To add to our fears, we are bombarded with news headlines and horror stories from our friends. With cyberbullying, sexting and online pornography it is easy to feel OVERWHELMED.

Cyberstrong Kids can help.

Cyberstrong Kids is an online class you and your child (ages 10-14) take together.  Your child will learn how to stay safe in today’s digital world while you learn the best ways to protect and guide them.

Cyberstrong Kids includes:

  • Understanding digital footprints
  • Protecting personal information
  • Understanding social media
  • Cyberbullying prevention
  • Dealing with inappropriate information
  • Texting safety
  • Creating a positive digital reputation

Cyberstrong Kids is different from other programs.

  • Kids take control of their digital footprints. They learn how to create a digital reputation they can be proud of.
  • Parents are included. This is crucial. When you understand your child’s digital world, you can help them make good choices and stay safe.

Get started today.