Rethink: Cyberbullying Prevention

Finally an app that helps kids make good choices: ReThink-A Cyberbullying Prevention App.

Everyday it seems we hear about apps that are dangerous for our kids. Not only can it be hard to keep up, but it can feel overwhelming and scary.

There is a new app that help kids make good choices and keep them safe.

ReThink is a free app that helps kids and teens pause before sending or posting messages that might be hurtful.

When a message has certain warning words (embarrassing, hate, hurt, etc.) a pop-up message appears that says:

“Are you sure you want to say that?” (or a similar sentiment).

It was designed to reduce Cyberbullying, and is surprisingly effective.

According to their website,

“When teens are alerted to ReThink their decision, they change their minds 93% of the time.”

I installed it on my phone to see how it works and it’s great. Just the other day I was sending a message where I said something about being embarrassed and I got an alert:

“Is this the type of person you are?”

I chuckled because it was not a hateful message; however if it had been mean-spirited it would have helped me re-evaluate my message.

Rethink helps kids and teens think through what they are saying before hitting send.

You can download it for free on itunes.