Child Cell Phone Contract

Are you thinking of getting your child a cell phone for Christmas or Hannukah? Do they already use one but you’d like to establish some concrete rules and guidelines with them? I have a great tool for you: my free Cell phone contract

It’s really important that we talk with our kids about our expectations for their digital lives. Clear rules can help them make good choices when using their devices.

My holiday gift to you is the attached cell phone contract. I encourage you to go over it with your child and answer their questions.  (Of course feel free to adjust it to your own personal rules.)

It’s important to realize that our kids are still learning and will make mistakes with their devices. The good news is that by keeping the lines of communication open and being clear on your expectations you can help them navigate their new responsibility smoothly.

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Feel free to share the contract with your friends. We can all use help with keeping our kids safe.